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The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery researches, exhibits, collects, publishes, educates and develops programs in the field of contemporary art and in contemporary approaches to the practice of art history and criticism with special emphasis on the areas of the Canadian avant-garde of the 1960s and 1970s and the international network developed at the time and its role in the art of today, and on Vancouver’s post-war art history, on practices and projects that challenge the status quo, and on emerging artists.
The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery

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Lola Storey

Empathy has been described as the process of understanding a person’s subjective experience by vicariously sharing that experience while maintaining an observant stance. It is the ability to recognize others feelings, the causes of these feelings, and to be able to participate in the emotional experience of an individual. In the context of language and communication, empathy is not the result of a previous experience, but rather is the moment when non-verbal contact between people is occurring.
Clouds by Lola Storey